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How To Use A Flexispot Desk Converter

With the Flexispot desk converter, you can change your workstation from sitting to standing in seconds. 

By raising and lowering the desktop and monitor, our ergonomic sit-to-stand desk allows you to work in a healthy posture without sacrificing comfort or convenience. 

Check out these tips for how to use our desk riser:

How to: Pull down and adjust the monitor to eye level

Now that you’ve got your monitor in place, it’s time to adjust it to your liking. The Flexispot comes with a gas spring that can be used to pull down the monitor and then adjust its height. To do this:

  • Pull the monitor down until it reaches eye level. This will help ensure that you’re not straining yourself while working on your computer.
  • Adjust the height of the monitor based on how high or low you sit in relation to it. If you like using a standing desk, for example, it might make sense for you to raise the Flexispot so that its screen is at roughly eye level when standing up. If sitting down is more comfortable for you, lower the Flexispot so that it lines up with where your eyes would be while sitting down at a regular desk (or even lower if possible).
  • Adjust both parts of the stand until they are parallel with one another—this will give them optimal positioning relative to one another so as not hinder any possible viewing angles or reading angles—and then lock everything into place by tightening one screw located at each corner of each side panel (two screws total per side panel).

How to: Raise and lower the desktop

Raising and lowering your desktop is easy. 

Simply push down on the release button and raise or lower the desktop to your desired height, then press the release button to lock it into place. 

If you have any questions about this process, please contact our customer service department at 1-800-GO-FLEXI (1-800-463-3543).

How to: Adjust keyboard holder height

  • To adjust the keyboard holder height, slide the adjustable plate into position.
  • The keyboard holder is adjustable to accommodate users of different heights.
  • The slider on the bottom of your Flexispot allows you to adjust the height in 1″ increments, up to 5½”, so it can be used by people who are as tall as 6’2″. It’s also great for changing positions throughout your workday: if you use a standing desk but prefer to sit down while typing, or vice versa!

How to: Adjust keyboard tray forward/back

Now that you have your keyboard tray adjusted to the right height, it’s time to set it forward or backward. 

To do this, simply turn the knob on the right side of the keyboard tray until it’s at a comfortable position for you.

If you need help finding out where exactly to place your laptop on top of this converter, we recommend watching this short video tutorial:


Flexispot’s desk riser goes from sitting to standing in seconds.

The Flexispot Desk Riser is easy to use. The table is so light, it can be lifted with one hand.

The Flexispot Desk Riser is easy to adjust. You can raise or lower the desk and tilt it forward or back in just seconds!

The Flexispot Desk Riser is easy to store when not in use, because you can simply fold up the legs to make it smaller, then put it away under a bed or desk out of sight until you need it again!

The Flexispot Desk Riser is easy to move around as well – if your home office isn’t big enough for two people at desks right next to each other but there’s space on either side of one wall, place both tables side by side instead (you don’t even need room behind them). 

Now sit on opposite sides with their backs against the wall for maximum privacy during video calls or teleconferences where others may be nearby listening in on conversations via speakerphone or headphones without being distracted by visual clues like facial expressions (or lack thereof) which could give away emotions like frustration from not understanding what

Flexispot’s desk converter is the perfect way to convert your office. It allows you to easily adjust your height and make sure that you are always sitting at eye level. 

Not only does this allow for better posture and comfort, but it also helps prevent back pain from sitting all day long without moving around enough!

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