About Me

Highly Evolved Direct Response Copywriter With Unmatched Mastery In Practical Psychology, Sales, Marketing, & Human Nature… a true PRO.

Hi… I’m Bayo… I’m an author, copywriter, storyteller, & poet. I specialize in copywriting and direct response Email marketing.

In other words…

I use my writing to help you (or your clients) write the copy, create the brand narratives, tell the stories, and calls to action online that generate sales & revenue.

I grew up with parents who were teachers (my father an English Professor & mother a Graphic Artist), I’ve been writing since I was in diapers (and yes I have the photos to prove it). I’ve always been a voracious reader and student of life.

I started selling at the tender age of 12, when I wanted a color T.V. and Super Nintendo, and went door- to-door to rake lawns to raise the cash.

My storytelling & writing acumen always ran parallel to my entrepreneurial ambition.

Later at Vanderbilt University, I found myself selling cell phones on campus. Learning how people tick, learning what people want and need, how to build connections, answering objections, and serving people by helping them make buying decisions.

Post-college, I had an awakening of sorts and delved into personal development, philosophy, and spirituality. I developed a deeper connection with my abilities and wanting to make an impact. I continued with sales, real estate, and soon thereafter, realized that writing was the most innate gift that I could use to bring a lot more value to the marketplace.

I went on to self-publish books, work in the fitness industry, where I honed my skills as a fitness coach for 10 years while writing persuasive sales copy for myself and other fitness entrepreneurs (niche audience, USP, feature/benefits, testimonials, etc).

Over time I’ve accumulated, quite a writing portfolio and some interesting clients. Sales, marketing, and writing go hand in hand for me. Here’s the Value I Bring To You…

There are many commodity writers online who want to make a quick buck, and I’m not knocking their hustle. But there are very few of us, who have put in 30,000+ hours (10,000 hours x 3 Decades) worth of mastery into the craft of writing. And those of us, who can “write to sell” with a deep understanding of influence and persuasion are even fewer. I’m in a “unique” group of writers.

Regardless of what you are selling, I can write copy that is compelling, engaging, persuasive, and impactful. I am also flexible with my services, consulting, & coaching. I have a broad foundation in that I have written

I specialize in direct sales copy, particularly email campaigns, landing pages, and website page sales copy. However, I’ve written everything from hard driving call-to-action business sales letters,  screenplays, hundreds of pages of books, E-books, marketing emails, sales headlines, banners, video sales letters, case studies, reports, presentations, letters, resumes, website copy, to poetry, to 1,000+ pages of Hip Hop lyrics, and biographies.

If you really want to sell your product or service effectively…

in the real world of our global marketplace, with the right copy, hang around this website for a little while.

I have encountered every problem imaginable in the process of communicating a message with written words.

Allow some of my writing skills to make an impact for you and your business…

All jokes aside, I have developed a very strategic and systematic PROcess as a PROfessional writer to help my clients get undeniable results.

Yes, I admit, I was born with some innate skills and aptitudes for writing. However, my intention is continuous and non-stop mastery which means you’ve come to the right place.

HowToWritePro.com is my portal for us to meet….For us to PROduce, PROfits, and PROsperity… Together!