Dennis The Menace Teaches You 5 Tips On How To Write Copy That Sells

Dennis The Menace Teaches You 5 Tips On How To Write Copy That Sells

  • Learn how to Sell…Offline.

If you want to write copy that sells online, you’ve got to be able to sell offline.

I will use a childhood example (from my real life) here for simplicity, and to protect the names of the innocent I will use the names from the Old-fashioned show Dennis The Menace.

Selling online is selling in print.

Raking leaves as early as 12 years old, was an experience that taught me how to sell.

Many writers, don’t have many sales conversations in their head.

I wonder why… Maybe it’s because they’ve never sold anything belly to belly! They’ve never felt the twisted sting of rejection.

They’ve never tasted the blood on their lip… the sweat on their brow.

Hmmmm…  All good sales copy is a selling conversation.

All great writing is simply a transference of a real life experience of a sales conversation onto a page or a website.

I have had many other REAL LIFE experiences selling things to people belly to belly:

Cell phones, Books, CD’s, Coaching, Fitness, Network Marketing, Personal Training, etc.

When I combine the power of true selling from the gut… with true writing from the gut… the combination is lethal.

  • Identify with your audience.

So to write copy that sells… let’s first, pretend like you are a 12 year old child named Dennis The Menace.

You want X toy or item… which will bring you all the amazing joy in the world.

Now. Imagine how you would speak to Mr. Wilson if you knocked on his door, to tell them you have “Leaf Raking Services.”


Would you say, “HEY MR. WILSON! I’m Dennis The Menace Dammit!! I’m the best leaf raker in X Town… Pay me to rake your lawn right now! I need a Super Nintendo!”

Of course, you know Mr. Wilson is not going for that, you’d RELATE to your prospect first.


“Hi Mr. Wilson… I was outside today, and I noticed your leaves were overflowing into your driveway.

“I totally see how much of a PAIN that can be, my mom made me rake the leaves in our driveway too the other day. It sucked!”

“…But I did such a great job she paid me $20, I had an idea, “Why don’t I see if Mr. Wilson needs help… would you like for me to SOLVE THIS PROBLEM for you too?

Which conversation do you think Mr. Wilson  would say “YES!” to?

  • Make an Irresistable Offer.

Now, imagine this Mr. Wilson says that “He’ll think about it!”

However, he’s in the market for a new housekeeper /landscaper

What’s a young Dennis The Menace to do?

How about making Mr. Wilson an offer that is so hard to refuse that he doesn’t!?

First, help him see that his current housekeeper is more of a Menace Than You!

“Geee.. I get it  Mr. Wilson… I’m sure you’ve got hours of free time… And since my dad is Rich! And he has so much money that he GIVES it away… I don’t need $100 for my services. I’ll do your whole yard for $15… and that’s even less than I charge my mother!”

AND… I’ll bring my Mice over to help you get rid of that annoying HOUSEKEEPER!

Listen to another Episode as Dennis Sells Bottles to help his dad…”Do you need money dad… I thought we were rich?”

Put yourself in the mindset of a young Dennis The Menace… (LISTEN HERE)

“Boy I’d hate to lose that T.V. Set!”

“I’m gonna charge a penny for all ya can drink…

Tommy you just don’t understand business!”

Dennis The Menance is the perfect example of the mindset you need to sell in print!

  • Write it How Ya’ Talk It!

How do you talk when you really want something?

Are you stuck with your writing to sell a product or service you have?

Think about the conversation you have when you are selling.

Write how you would talk to a buyer in mid-conversation about your offer.

If you are unable to hear the conversation, it means you aren’t selling enough.

Go out sell more in the real world. Anything…

Pay attention, then selling online will be a breeze.

If you have to have an imaginary sales conversation (a role play) with a friend or family member.

Video record it on your smart phone.

Write the phrases you actually heard yourself say…

Use those phrases in your writing!

As you can see, whether kids or adults, we speak very differently than we write! Learn to implement these speech patterns into your writing to write copy that sells!

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