How To Find Your Flow as A Copywriter

As a copywriter, Are you struggling to find your flow?

  • Step 1: You are a pro copywriter? Correct? Know Your Target Market & Personas

The sensation of writer’s block is mentally stifling for a pro copywriter.

Writer’s block doesn’t really exist.

Some copywriters do lazy research.

And with lazy research comes uncertainty… doubt.

Maybe the reason you’re stuck…

Are you clear who you’re writing to?

It’s easier to write to a target market persona.

  • Step 2: Use A Swipe File

Writing a report, essay, blog post, sales letter, presentation, or email?

Do you think any copywriter in the history of mankind has written one?

Take a look here…

It would be a good idea to at least scan how they did it.

Don’t plagiarize or steal from other copywriters.

Don’t copy it verbatim.

But give yourself a direction… try it!

  • Step 3: Outline Your Main Points

Stimulate your mind outside of the Monkey chatter.

This will allow your innate mind to flow.

The best way to do this is giving your brain structure.

It’s like giving your brain lines to color within.

So what is the solution to this funky stagnation of flow for you as a copywriter?

  • Step 4: Clear Your mind

Are your ideas flowing freely without self-editing?

If not you are probably suffering from “Monkey Mind.”

Such a state is like your mind being in murky stagnant cesspool of gutter thoughts in a sewage ditch.

Monkey Mind is the opposite of a clear Zen state of mind.

It means that your Ego is attacking your brain’s ability to think and transmit.

Once you allow the dust to settle begin filling in details to the structure you outlined.

  • Step 5: Find Your Voice

Do you hear your real voice in your copywriting?

Is the conversation you want to express in writing clear?

If you are writing inside the mind of your prospects, it has to be real.

As a copywriter, it can’t be your own worries, doubts, fears…

It must be theirs.

In other words, you are listening to the Monkey in your mind and not the purity of your MIND itself?

Get out of your head…

Get into the head of your audience.

  • Step 6: Stimulate Your Environment

Maybe you need Jazz.

Well… you don’t exactly have to choose Jazz.

Even Classical, or instrumental ambience could spark thought.

Choose  music that allows you to hear FLOW in musical form.

Music that doesn’t have lyrics. I like Miles Davis “Kind of Blue.”

Sit down. Turn on the music.

Press play… pick up the pen or open the laptop.


When your innate mind flows you are writing freely… You are a Pro Copywriter.

  • Step 7: Stop Self-Editing!

It may feel funny at first, but give it a try and allow yourself to merge with the music.

Don’t Stop.

Continue with a flow of thoughts, ideas, phrases.

Correcting is for later.

In fact, you can even write to the notes of your music.

Pretend like you are having a conversation.

Write the same way you speak.

You can even sit and talk into your smartphone recorder app.

Then just transcribe it.

Energy is energy, and flow is flow whether it’s wave forms of music or words.

This isn’t the way they trained you to write in school.

But this is the way you write as a copywriter…

…if you wanna write “pro” for profit!

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